Senior Dog Tips: How to Handle the Needs of Your Aging Pet

Like most people, you probably have a dog in your home. In the US, 76 percent of households have at least one dog. Dogs make the best family members and companions, but as they age, they require more care than before. Instead of stressing out about additional care, learn how to care for your aging pup properly. Coby’s Pet Care shares a few ideas here.

Take Time to Destress

Some senior dogs require a lot of care, but it’s important that you keep your personal care in mind, too. If you feel stressed all the time, you cannot give your pet the best life possible. Your stress negatively affects your pets. According to experts, your dog feels stressed when you do. Healthline notes that he may start mirroring your moods with excessive panting, pacing, and barking. Limit your stress and theirs simultaneously. If possible, try to work from home once or twice a week to spend time with your dog. If you cannot, ask a pet sitter to take control and stop by once in a while.

Destressing involves any activity that calms you down and helps you escape your stressors. Consider a daily walk where you can clear your mind of work and other obligations. Playing music and removing yourself from social media can also increase your happiness and decrease your stress level. Taking care of a senior dog can be stressful on top of your other obligations. If necessary, ask for help from family or friends to help care for your dog when you need a break.

Invest in Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a great tool to ensure that ageing pets receive the medical care they need throughout their lifetime. As pets age, medical problems tend to arise, but pet insurance allows for veterinarians to provide the necessary treatments and preventative care that keeps your pet healthy. With specific coverage for senior dogs and cats, pet insurance for aging pets can be tailored to meet your pet’s individual needs. Finding pet insurance is made easier when you research policies and learn about their cost, coverage, and age limits. 

Learn the Proper Care Techniques

Many senior dogs require medication. Before you administer medication, talk to your vet about the proper ways to administer the doses. Discuss whether you have different options too. For instance, some dogs may have more difficulty with pills, and you may find it easier to have a chewable tablet or liquid medication. If your dog requires injections, discuss the proper dose and application before you begin to treat at home.

Dog shampoos for senior dogs provide one of the best ways to keep your dog healthy. Formulated specifically for the needs of aging dogs, these shampoos contain natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba and argan oil to create a soapy lather that cleanses while conditioning the coat. Pets Digest offers great reviews of these products, so look for highly rated fresh-scented shampoo brands made from high-quality ingredients. 

Different conditions require different treatment options. The sooner you notice your dog acting uncomfortable or changing his behavior, the sooner you should take them to see a vet. Quick diagnosis leads to a healthier and happier life.

Find Ways to Spoil Your Pup

All dogs deserve to be spoiled, but as your dog ages, you may not know how to spoil him without causing discomfort or exacerbating some of his conditions. Fortunately, there are a lot of senior-friendly activities that you can do with your pup. Invest in a new bed for him. As dogs age, their bones and muscles may ache more. A good bed can be a game-changer for his comfort. 

You can stay active with your pup by going for regular walks. Make sure that you do not overwalk him, however. Try to keep his nails short, so he does not slip or fall and cause more injuries. And speak with your vet about switching your pet to a grain-free air dried dog food. The air drying process preserves more nutrients than freeze drying and the processing that canned foods go through. This could help your pet to get the nutrition they need to stay healthier longer. 

Consider taking your dog to have a canine massage. Regular massages can help control blood pressure and circulation. Additionally, the massage feels good, and your dog may enjoy the attention.

Implement Care for Yourself and Your Pet

Life becomes a lot easier when you know how to care for yourself and your pup. You can find time to administer adequate care without becoming burnout or stressed by your aging dog’s new demands. You can also ensure your pet’s medical care is covered by investing in pet insurance. 

When you travel, trust Coby’s Pet Care with your fur kids. We offer doggy day care and boarding in a home setting to ensure your pets feel safe while you’re away. Visit us online to learn more about our facilities and services.