How to Make Your New Home ‘Home’ for Your Pet

Moving home and getting settled, all the while making sure your pet is happy and content, too, can be a juggling act. Fortunately, with Cobys Pet Care, you can be assured your pet will be well taken care of when you’re at home and while you’re away.

Find a pet-friendly home

Choosing the right home in the best location is the best way to avoid regrets later on.

Don’t let stress get the better of you

Your stress levels will have a direct impact on your pet. Therefore, try to reduce your anxiety as much as possible to help your pet cope better throughout.

  • Work less or work remotely if you can in the beginning so that you have time to adapt mentally to the changes taking place.
  • Spend more time with your pet. Your pet will feel more secure and less anxious about your new living arrangements as you shower her with loads of love and affection.
  • Plan activities for just you and her. Doing something out of the ordinary, such as going to a day spa designed for pets and their owners, is sure to get her tail wagging with doggone delight!

Care for your pet

Making sure you have all the basic pet essentials available that she needs is always a good plan of action.

  • Packing and labeling a separate bag filled with her favorite goodies will enable you to lay these out for her as you arrive; this is certainly a welcome distraction, especially if you are going to be super busy unpacking and organizing your belongings once more.
  • If you want to spoil her, it is advisable to look up reviews and recommendations from Pets Digest so that you choose the best items.
  • Keeping her fit physically and mentally is always important whether you’re moving or not.

While drastic change can induce stress, moving and finding a new home should be an exciting time. Doing your best in every area during the move should give you peace of mind concerning what must be done; this should hopefully end with a happy pet and a happy home to end the story.